Some people have major legal challenges or financial problems early on. Do not let these obstacles overwhelm you or deter you from quitting drugs. You will get through each of these issues and put them behind you, one by one. Maybe you want to go back to school or you want to move up in your current career. Or, you might want to have a better relationship with your family. Whatever your life goals, looking back and appreciating your progress can help greatly in keeping you on track and feeling good about where you are today.

rebuilding life after addiction

Can You Rebuild Relationships After Rehab?

  • Maybe this is something you’re facing right now as you recover from addiction.
  • Usually for a substantial fee, career transition services help executive and higher-up employees define career goals and help with job searches.
  • This helps prevent enabling and maintains the dignity of both the supporter and the person in recovery.
  • Use these days as pockets of strength for moving forward and getting closer to your healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle goals.

For many people, illicit or illegal drugs were an effective way to manage chronic pain. Even once the addiction is treated, the pain may be an everyday reality that significantly impacts their quality of life. Part of rebuilding your life may involve addressing these issues head-on. Seek legal advice if necessary, and work on managing debts and improving your financial situation.

Eminem, Addiction, and Exercise

The best recovery podcasts will cover all aspect of treatment, including medication-assisted treatment. You will find many great podcasts on the subject of addiction recovery and other interesting subjects on our network, The Mental Health News Radio Network. While it is important to ask for help Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House from qualified people when you have specific challenges, don’t forget that much of the healing process takes time and cannot be rushed. Rather than getting frustrated that your life is not improving faster, you can simply remind yourself that staying drug-free is a major accomplishment by itself.

  • You’ll also need to start building an emergency fund for unexpected costs.
  • New York City recently opened the nation’s first official safe consumption clinics, where people with substance use disorder can use drugs under medical supervision.
  • • Identity—shifting towards a new, positive view of oneself, one more aligned with one’s deeper values and goals, one built on self-confidence gained by acquiring new skills and new behaviors.
  • In the absence of triggers, or cues, cravings are on a pathway to extinction soon after quitting.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

rebuilding life after addiction

Beth Leipholtz spent several years blogging about the realities of getting sober young on Life to be Continued. Since the birth of her son, Coop, she has pivoted to focus on her work as an inclusion and accessibility advocate who believes in creating a more accepting world for our children. In addition to spending time with her family, Beth enjoys Minnesota summers, photography, iced Americanos, CrossFit, and a good old-fashioned book. It just takes time and patience, both of which can feel like obstacles. If you’re just starting recovery, here are a few helpful tips.

  • While opioids, such as heroin and fentanyl, and alcohol are the most dangerous substances to misuse, there is medical treatment for both opioid and alcohol addiction.
  • Living in a stable, alcohol and drug-free environment can be a crucial step to recovery.
  • Some groups to consider include Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), ALANA Recovery’s Alumni Program offers continuing addiction recovery support for those who complete our program.
  • Peer support groups will become a part of your life as these are where you discover role models whose success you can emulate as you restart a new life.

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Can relationships from before my recovery still be part of my life?

  • It doesn’t take much to trigger those thoughts and feelings again.
  • A comprehensive health change won’t happen overnight, but over time, your tastes will change, and you’ll start craving healthy food.
  • When relationships are marked by stress, conflict, or enabling behaviors, they can exacerbate mental health issues and complicate the path to sobriety.
  • It’s hard to leave addiction behind without constructing a desirable future.